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Exquisite and delicious

Elegant restaurant hall

Soft lighting, Iranian marble and expensive wood create an aristocratic interior atmosphere

Varied menu

We serve wine from 8 countries and elite alcoholic drinks with dishes of Mediterranean, Odessa, and Japanese menus

Affordable price

An average order for one person costs about 300-500 UAH, not counting the drinks

Features of
our restaurant

Main (Odessa), Japanese, banquet, and smorgasbord menus contain over 250 dishes. We offer lunches, dinners, and several coffee break options for business clients. Every dish made by our chef, no matter how humble or gourmet, is an explosion of beauty and taste!

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Breakfast is included in the booking cost

Pastries, fruits, sides, salads, meat and cheese plates, muesli, drinks, etc.

Delicious dishes for today

Salmon ceviche with amaranth popcorn and mango sauce (180 gr) 395

shredded salmon pickled in lime juice with chili pepper served with mango sauce and roasted amaranth

Warm seafood and cream sauce salad (300 gr) 295

a mix of mussels, shrimp and calamari with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, and tobiko roe

Mini beef steaks with demiglace sauce (200 gr) 290

grilled beef steaks with French meat sauce, vegetables, and lettuce mix

Our cooking team

Ivan Repa
Ivan Repa


Yelena Bondarenko
Yelena Bondarenko

sushi chef

Yaroslav Bobok
Yaroslav Bobok


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How to get to us

ODESSA, Frantsuz’ky
Blvd, 17, Grand Otrada
Resort & SPA hotel complex 

Work hours

breakfasts 8AM-10:30AM mo-su

menu service 11:30AM-11:00PM mo-su
banquets (individually)
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