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Grand Otrada Restaurant in Odessa

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Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine

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Restaurants of Odessa: Grand Otrada

Experience unique Odessa cuisine in a seaside restaurant

Our chef’s special is a fusion of Mediterranean and Odessa’s culinary traditions. Tender flounder fillet and rainbow trout impress guests from all over the world, and “fiery” flambé sea bass in citrus salt “shell” surprises not just with its presentation, but with its taste as well.

We offer a large assortment of appetizers, salads, desserts, and multiple menus:

If you’re new to Odessa, we will prepare special gefilte fish, a special by aunt Sonia from Malaya Arnautskaya, and treat you to tender Rapanos and horse mackerel. For banquets, we will roast you a duck or some prime ham, and for a pleasant dinner with friends or relatives, we will prepare some special Odessa forshmak and mussels with tomato and basil sauce. For gourmands, we offer oysters and lobster served with still or sparkling wine from wineries of Spain, France, Chile, New Zealand, and other countries.

Grand Otrada restaurant offers plenty of appetizers and mains for vegetarians and people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Even toddlers will not feel left out – we have a child chairs and a special menu and our youngest guests will experience delicious dishes and sushi rolls with no raw ingredients.


Rooftop bar and outdoor area

When choosing a restaurant in Odessa guests first look at its location, menu, and interior. We have combined suggestions of various guests. Grand Otrada is:

  • a family restaurant with comfortable sofas and delicious cuisine,
  • banquet hall for 80+ people in the center of Odessa,
  • a conference hall that transforms into a restaurant for corporate parties,
  • veranda adorned with rose bushes,
  • rooftop terrace for watching the sunset while snuggled up in a soft blanket.

The restaurant is a part of the Grand Otrada Resort & SPA hotel complex in a picturesque district of Odessa between Frantsuz’ky Boulevard and Otrada beach. The entrance to the complex is adorned with an attraction – the majestic Mauritian Arc, which sets the tone for the architectural ensemble.

The exterior of thecomplex features a warm color palette typical for Odessa – sand, and honey tones with milk accents. The main feature of the hotel is its sparkling atrium in the the main hall, a wonderful place for wedding photos that creates a sense of grandeur.

Grand Otrada: family restaurant in Odessa

The restaurant’s the interior is cozy and homely despite its large size and modest marble finish. The atrium is brightly lit with sunlight in the daytime and has plenty of soft pearly white leather sofas and drapes made from organic fabrics. A neat floral pattern tablecloth gives a homely atmosphere to the restaurant, complemented by the exquisitely tasting and visually appealing chef’s dishes.

Grand Otrada restaurant is a great choice for a family dinner or a celebration, a romantic date, or a meeting of friends.

Our website allows its users to not only book a table but choose dishes beforehand, add them to the Shopping Basket and place an order. This way the guests can start the dinner as soon as they arrive – our waiters and waitresses will serve the appetizers exactly when you arrive.

We will be glad to have you at the Grand Otrada restaurant!

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