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We please our guests not only with European quality of service but also with quality and variety of dishes. Seafood connoisseurs can enjoy some oysters with a glass of Prosecco or try the most tender lobster. Prime taste, exquisite presentation, and atmosphere are the main components of a great evening in Grand Otrada restaurant.

Grand Otrada’s main menu

Forshmak with toasts (1/350) 260

chopped herring fillet with apples, boiled egg and butter according to an old Odessa recipe. Served with ciabatta toasts

Gefilte Fish (1/350) 320

amazing stuffed fish in nori leaves according to the secret recipe of Aunt Sonya from Malaya Arnautskaya Street, served with horseradish and mustard

Odessa appetizers plate (1/300) 340

forshmak (fish paste), eggplant dip, pickled bell pepper and ciabatta toasts

Meat and cheese wine plate (1/250) 370

salami, Jamon, Kamembert, and Dor Blue with honey and walnuts

Trio of tartars - salmon, tuna, scallop (1/210/50) 430

Tender salmon, spicy tuna, scallops with tobiko roe, cucumber, Asian Kimchi sauce, lemon, wheat, and rye ciabatta toasts

Caprese with Mozarella minis (1/250) 190

An Italian appetizer made from cherry tomatoes, Mozarella cheese, and basil, served with a salad mix and Pesto sauce

Foie gras with apple chutney (1/200) 490

fried goose liver with Indian sauce made from apples and oranges stewed in butter

Black Sea Rapanos in creamy sauce (1/250) 260

tender sea snail meat with onions and button mushrooms served with a cream and white wine sauce

Black Sea mussels with tomatoes and basil (1/600) 270

mollusks in shells with tomato and basil sauce served with lemon slices and white bread toasts

Black Sea mussels in cream sauce (1/600) 270

unshelled mollusks served in cream sauce with a white wine base, with tomatoes, parsley, lemon, and white bread toasts

Assorted tempura with Thai sweet chili sauce (1/250/50) 270

tiger shrimp, zucchini, bell pepper, and button mushrooms in airy batter with sweet chili sauce

Caesar salad (1/250) 185

traditional mix of salads with tomatoes, chicken fillet, garlic, white bread croutons, Parmesan sauce and cheese

Lettuce mix with salted salmon (1/250) 210

lettuce mix, tomatoes, avocado with salmon slices, lemon, and Parmesan

Greek salad (1/250) 150

tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet bell pepper, Feta cheese, green onions, black olives with an olive oil and oregano dressing

Grilled veal and arugula salad (1/250) 240

grilled tender veal with arugula, shallots, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber with Italian dressing with spices

Lettuce mix with assorted vegetables (1/250) 140

lettuce mix, arugula, microgreen with cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, lemon, walnuts, and olive oil

Warm seafood salad (1/300) 295

a mix of mussels, tiger shrimp, and calamari in cream sauce, served with lettuce mix, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, and a lemon

Grilled vegetables and goat cheese salad (1/250) 185

grilled eggplants, zucchini, button mushrooms, and bell pepper with fresh tomatoes and goat cream cheese

Camembert and fresh berry salad (1/200) 175

lettuce mix with Camembert cheese, seasonal berries, and sesame seeds

Mushroom Yushka (1/400) 230

wild mushroom soup - a light broth of dried porcini mushrooms, chanterelles and champignons with homemade noodles and herbs

Minestrone (1/350) 170

a light Italian vegetable soup with bell pepper, asparagus, tomatoes, beans, green peas, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, and parsley

Chicken bouillon with noodles and white mushrooms (1/350) 170

light bouillon with pieces of chicken breast, bell pepper, carrot, onion, and parsley, coupled with mushrooms, quail eggs, and noodles

Mediterranean soup (1/350) 290

light and delicious soup with tiger shrimp tails, mussels, calamari, salmon fillet, tomatoes, and basil

Borsth with salo and pampushky (1/350/100) 240

traditional Ukrainian beet, carrot, and potato soup with veal and beans served with cured pork fat, garlic, pampushky buns, and sour cream

Tom Yam (1/350) 320

sour and spicy Thai soup with a base of coconut milk with tiger shrimp tails, calamari, mussels, tomatoes, chili pepper, and parsley

Pasta Carbonara (1/250) 180

classic Italian pasta with bacon, cream, and Parmesan cheese

Mussel and Marinara sauce pasta (1/250) 190

pasta with mussels, Italian tomato and garlic sauce, aromatic herbs, capers, black olives, and Parmesan

Seafood in cream sauce pasta (1/250) 270

conchiglie pasta in cream sauce with tiger shrimp tails, calamari, mussels, and Parmesan

4-cheese pasta (1/250) 190

creamy pasta with Dor Blue, Kamambert, Mozarella, and Parmesan

Chicken and mushrooms Fettucine (1/250) 180

traditional pasta in cream sauce with fried pieces of chicken breast, button mushrooms, and Parmesan cheese

Tsa-Tsa (1/250) 230

small crispy tsa-tsa - sea fish according to an ancient Odessa recipe, served with lemon

Esic-Fleisch (1/350) 330

stewed beef with cherries in sweet and sour sauce according to an old Odessa recipe

Chicken leg by Shumsky (1/250/150) 290

baked leg stuffed with minced chicken meat and cheese with spices and herbs. Served with salad leaves and carrot puree

Sea bass fillet with green peas (1/250) 340

tender grilled sea bass fillet with green pea paste and lettuce mix

Sea bass with citrus salt (1/300) 430

a whole fish baked in citrus salt, spectacularly served flambe

Grilled salmon steak with vegetables (1/250) 320

grilled salmon with spices, served with lettuce, lemon, and balsamic sauce

Salmon on a spinach pillow baked / steamed (1/250) 320

dietary, steamed or baked salmon, with light spinach cream

Odessa-style gobies (1/100) 130

batter-fried Black Sea gobies from a classic recipe, served with lettuce mix and lemon (price listed for 100 gr)

Flounder Black Sea (1/100) 235

fried fish with a side of button mushrooms, tomatoes and lettuce in balsamic sauce

Pork on the bone (1/250) 240

grilled pork chop with rolls of bacon stuffed with asparagus and served with a lettuce mix

Mini beef steaks with demiglace sauce (1/200) 360

grilled beef steaks with French meat sauce, vegetables, and lettuce mix

Steamed/grilled chicken breast with vegetables (1/300) 230

healthy poultry served with mixed vegetables and fresh lettuce

Confi duck thigh with flambe apples (1/250) 320

stewed duck thigh with orange sauce and caramelized flambe apples served with lettuce and cherry tomatoes

Tournedos Rossini steak (1/250) 390

veal steak grilled to your liking with French demi-glace sauce, foie gras, button mushrooms, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes

Rainbow trout in almond sauce (1/250) 290

tender fish with almond shavings, fried to a crisp in butter with spices, served with lettuce, lemon, and cherry tomatoes

Chicken Kyiv (1/250) 280

tender cutlet made from the chicken breast with melted butter inside, served with mashed potatoes, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, dill, and parsley

French-style grilled chicken (1/350) 390

a whole bird baked with spices and served with fresh lettuce, baby corn, tomatoes, roasted peanuts, and parsley

Cow tongue with sweet and sour sauce (1/300) 260

a stewed cow tongue with traditional Thai sauce served with filo rolls filled with Suluguni cheese, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes

Quinoa with cherry tomatoes and avocado (1/250) 170

a porridge made from South American gluten-free cereal with minced avocado and tomatoes

Grilled vegetables (1/250) 150

a plate of grilled zucchini, eggplants, bell pepper and button mushrooms

Couscous with Parmesan cheese and tomatoes (1/250) 170

a light porridge made from Berber cereal served with cherry tomatoes and hard cheese

Zucchini and sesame seeds Soba (1/250) 150

buckwheat noodles with sautéed vegetables sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds and served with cherry tomatoes

Sauteed vegetables (1/200) 140

hearty vegetarian sauteed with zucchini, bell pepper, eggplant, button mushrooms, tomato, onion, and garlic

Tiramisu (1/200) 190

a dessert based on Mascarpone cheese and airy whisked egg whites, Savoyard biscuits, chocolate, and Baileys liqueur

Peach cheesecake (1/200) 170

light and airy cream cheese dessert with peaches and a base of shredded almonds

Chocolate fondant (1/200) 190

french sponge cake with crispy outside layer and liquid filling served with a scoop of ice cream, fruit salsa, and a topping of your choice

Apple strudel (1/200/50) 170

traditional Vienna dessert that comes in form of a puff pastry pie with apple filling, served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Assorted ice cream (1/100) 120

vanilla, fruit, chocolate ice creams with various toppings

Napoleon with salted caramel and peanuts (1/250) 180

our chef’s special – a variant of traditional favorite cake consisting of puff pastry layers with custard on and between them, topped with salty caramel

Chicken skewers with mashed potatoes or french fries (150/150/50) 160

pieces of chicken breast roasted over an open flame with a side of bell pepper and French fries or mashed potatoes

Chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes or french fries (150/150/50) 160

tender minced chicken cutlets with a side of either French fries or mashed potatoes

Pancakes with meat (150/50) 110

filling pancakes with minced fried chicken served with sour cream

Pancakes with cottage cheese (150/50) 120

thin lacy milk pancakes filled with cottage cheese and served with fresh berries

Cheesecakes with berry sauce (150/50/50) 150

light and airy cottage cheese puffs served with seasonal berries and a topping

Chicken pasta (1/250) 130

spaghetti with pieces of grilled chicken breast, garlic, Italian Parmesan cheese, and cream sauce

Chicken skewers with French fries (150/150/50) 160

pieces of chicken breast roasted over an open flame with a side of bell pepper and French fries or mashed potatoes

Burger with veal and French fries (200/150/50) 195

delicious burger with a veal patty, tomatoes, cucumbers, ketchup, Parmesan cheese, and a side of French fries

Burger with chicken and French fries (200/150/50) 175

all-time favorite dish with a chicken patty, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, ketchup, and a side of French fries

Chicken broth with homemade noodles (1/300) 95

light chicken breast bullion with parsley, hand-made noodles, and quail eggs

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