Japanese menu - Grand Otrada

A Japanese-style celebration

Atmospheric and delicious!


Chili-gunkan hotategai 115 

scallops, tobiko roe, mayonnaise, chili sauce, cucumber

Chili-gunkan unagi 105 

eel, tobiko roe, mayonnaise, cucumber, chili sauce

Tobiko gunkan 60 

tobiko (flying fish) roe

Salmon chili-gunkan 75 

salmon, tobiko roe, mayonnaise, cucumber, chili sauce

Ebi chili-gunkan 80 

tiger shrimp, tobiko roe, chili sauce, mayonnaise, cucumber

Taste and aftertaste worthy of connoisseurs

The best sushi menu in Odessa!

Maki sushi

Pear roll 95 

pear, sesame seeds, nut sauce

Kimono 280 

salmon, tiger shrimp, Tamago (Japanese omelet), mayonnaise, cucumber

Mango heaven 260 

eel, Philadelphia cheese, mango sauce

Salmon-unagi 295 

salmon, eel, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber

Alaska in tobiko roe 185 

salmon, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber

Kalifornia with sesame seeds 120 

snow crab, cucumber, mayonnaise

Sakura 215 

salmon, snow crab, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber

Fusion 195 

tuna, pear, chili sauce, Philadelphia cheese, nut sauce

Unagi-hotategai 310 

eel, scallops, Philadelphia cheese, chili sauce, mayonnaise, tobiko roe

Albacore-chili 160 

tuna, Philadelphia cheese, snow crab, chili sauce

Fujiyama 265 

salmon, eel, mayonnaise, snow crab

Zen 305 

salmon, eel, Tamago (Japanese omelet), cucumber, Philadelphia cheese

Red caviar roll 270 

salmon caviar, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese, black sesame seeds

Camelia 170 

salmon, marinated ginger, cucumber, Philadelphia cheese

Philadelphia with shrimp 220 

salmon, tiger shrimp, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber

Unagi Philadelphia 230 

eel, Philadelphia cheese, pear

Philadelphia classic 190 

salmon, Philadelphia cheese

California in tobiko roe 150 

snow crab, mayonnaise, cucumber

Kajura 180 

salmon, Philadelphia cheese, snow crab, chili sauce

The freshest seafood

And elite alcohol for you!

Hot rolls

Akami chili 190 

tuna, pear, snow crab, Philadelphia cheese, chili sauce

Shibumi 205 

salmon, snow crab, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber

Tara 260 

smoked salmon, Philadelphia cheese, Tamago (Japanese omelet), snow crab, cucumber

Sobo 330 

salmon caviar, Philadelphia cheese, snow crab

Banzai 290 

eel, salmon, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber

Order dishes through the Basket on the site, and they will be served to your arrival!

Бронируйте номер, чтобы остаться до утра

или прогуляйтесь к морю на Канатной дороге

Japanese menu

Ryaba the Hen 90 

tempura fried chicken breast, cucumber, mayonnaise

Tempura shrimp with sesame seeds 150 

tempura fried tiger shrimp, cucumber, mayonnaise

Emma the Shrimp 210 

tiger shrimp, pear, Philadelphia cheese, cucumber, mango sauce

Kappa maki 75 

cucumber, sesame seed mix

Lettuce mix with salted salmon (1/250) 210 

lettuce mix, tomatoes, avocado with salmon slices, lemon, and Parmesan

Boiled veal heart salad (1/250) 140 

veal heart, shallots, pickles, boiled potatoes with a Dijon mustard and honey sauce

Roast beef and crouton salad (1/250) 280 

roast beef slices, cherry tomatoes, fresh lettuce leaves, Parmesan cheese, pickled shallots and butter-fried croutons

“Stolichnyi” chicken salad (1/300) 140 

our version of the traditional Russian salad with tender chicken meat

Stolichnyi veal salad (1/300) 160 

another variant of the all-time favorite Russian salad with veal

Warm seafood and cream sauce salad (1/300) 295 

a mix of mussels, shrimp and calamari with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, and tobiko roe

Chicken breast, quail eggs and yogurt sauce salad (1/250) 195 

lettuce mix with tender chicken breast coupled with citrus slices and tomatoes

Panzanella salad (1/250) 150 

tuscanian salad made from tomatoes, shallots, bell pepper, and croutons with Italian olive oil and basil dressing

Duck breast salad (1/250) 265 

lettuce mix with low fat duck breast, cherry tomatoes and fragrant apples

Greek salad (1/250) 150 

tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet bell pepper, Feta cheese, green onions, black olives with an olive oil and oregano dressing

Caesar salad (1/300) 185 

traditional lettuce mix with tomatoes, chicken breast, garlic, white bread croutons, Parmesan cheese and Caesar sauce

Grilled veal and arugula salad (1/250) 240 

grilled tender veal with arugula, shallots, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber with Italian dressing with spices

Lettuce mix with assorted vegetables (1/250) 140 

lettuce mix, arugula, microgreen with cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, lemon, walnuts, and olive oil

Grilled vegetables and goat cheese salad (1/250) 185 

grilled eggplants, zucchini, button mushrooms, and bell pepper with fresh tomatoes and goat cream cheese

Camembert and fresh berry salad (1/200) 175 

lettuce mix with Camembert cheese, seasonal berries, and sesame seeds

Miso soup with shiitake mushrooms 75 

shiitake mushrooms, Wakame kelp, green onion

Miso soup with salmon 110 

salmon, Wakame kelp, green onion

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