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Our conference hall

The hall has its own terrace and space for coffee breaks, smorgasbords (drinks, desserts, sandwiches), and business lunches, as well as fully-fledged dinners. It is an ideal location for seminars, negotiations, and signing lucrative contracts – with a delicious finish.

Daily business offersя

Coffee break ₴ 190

coffee, tea, milk, lemon, salmon mini-burger, chicken and lettuce sandwich, fagottini with mashed potatoes or cabbage and a chocolate or vanilla cake

Full lunch ₴ 250

greek salad, mushroom soup, roasted chicken skewers with a side of wheat porridge, tea, fruit kompot and bread basket

Full dinner ₴ 280

russian salad and chicken plov (stewed rice with meat), panna cotta with berry sauce, tea, fruit kompot and bread basket

Culinary scenarios for business meetings

Food and service of the highest quality

Grand Otrada business menu

Coffee break №6 320 

coffee, tea, milk, fruit juice, mineral water, salmon/chicken mini-burgers, chicken/cheese sandwiches, mashed potatoes/cabbage fagottini, custard profiteroles, champagne

Coffee break №5 260 

coffee, tea, milk, lemon, fruit juice, mineral water, basil-tomatoes/Feta-pesto bruschettas, spinach/mushrooms quiches, salmon profiteroles, apple strudel

Coffee break №4 190 

coffee, tea, milk, lemon, salmon mini-burger, chicken/cheese sandwiches, mashed potatoes/cabbage fagottini, vanilla/chocolate cake

Coffee break №3 170 

coffee, tea, milk, lemon, chicken/cheese sandwiches, mashed potatoes/cabbage fagottini, vanilla/chocolate cake

Coffee break №2 140 

coffee, tea, milk, lemon, chicken and lettuce sandwich, cucumber and cheese sandwich, fruit and custard tart

Coffee break №1 120 

coffee, tea, milk, lemon, cookies, vanilla/chocolate cake

Full lunch №3 250 

beetroot salad with walnuts, vegetable soup, bread, veal stroganoff with mashed potatoes for garnish, tea and fruit compote

Full lunch №4 250 

homemade salad, meatball soup, bread basket, chicken leg in creamy sauce and risotto for garnish, tea and fruit compote

Full lunch №5 250 

Greek salad, mushroom soup, chicken skewers and wheat porridge for garnish, tea, fruit compote and bread basket

Full lunch №2 250 

vegetable salad, hot - borsch with beans, bread basket, spaghetti and chicken fricassee, tea and fruit compote

Full lunch №1 250 

bread basket, blue caviar, chicken soup with homemade noodles, roast chicken, tea and fruit compote

Full dinner №3 280 

Stolichny salad with chicken, Carbonara pasta, bread basket, for dessert - Napoleon, fruit compote and tea

Full dinner №1 280 

Sorento salad, bread, BBQ chicken wings and buckwheat porridge with mushrooms for garnish, vanilla pudding, tea and fruit compote

Full dinner №4 280 

vinaigrette and pilaf with chicken as a garnish, panna cotta with berry sauce, tea, fruit compote and bread basket

Full dinner №2 280 

cabbage salad, bread basket, roast pork, tender apple strudel, tea and fruit compote

Full dinner №5 280 

mix of salads with pumpkin and bacon, bread basket, hake fillet with puree for garnish, lemon cake, tea and fruit compote

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Conference hall in the center of Odessa

Members of both foreign and Ukrainian business elites often look for hotels with conference halls in Odessa. It’s a very comfortable place to organize a coffee break or a business lunch after the end of the conference. Grand Otrada Resort & SPA perfectly fits such events. Our Odessa conference hall stands out due to the well-developed complex infrastructure. The advantages include:

  • convenient location at the picturesque Frantsuzkiy boulevard, just 2 km away from the train station and just 400 m away from Otrada beach,
  • multiple access roadsand supervised parking,
  • Individual discounts for accommodation of corporate clients (groups of up to 20 people).

By booking our conference hall in Odessa you will be able to hold a conference followed by a banquet, a full gala dinner. Any corporate event can be mixed up with a modest smorgasbord or coffee break. For long business training or seminars, we can organize business lunches and dinners.


Business dinners and corporate parties in Grand Otrada

The complex has two spacious halls. The main restaurant hall on the second floor is lined with Iranian marble and features bright, sandy color palette and tasteful decor. There is a separate entrance to a corporate party hall, with its dressing room, restrooms and a terrace exit, offering a great view on our cableway leading to the sea shore.

The second hall on the the first floor is designed to host:

  • conferences ,
  • seminars,
  • master-classes,
  • business training.

It has enough space for 80+ people and can be easily transformed into a banquet hall thanks to its thoughtful zoning and panoramic windows. A classic warm color palette of its lining, grand marble columns and modest décor make the place ideal for holding business events followed by banquets.

The hall is brightly-lit and warm, and its great acoustics coupled with high-quality parquet make it possible to host live musical accompaniment, shows, and safe corporate dance nights.

Options for business clients

From its first days in service Grand Otrada restaurant offers catering service to business events, including lunches and dinners for all participants. Our hotel complex works like a living organism designed to create the most optimal business atmosphere.

During spring and summer corporate event guests can sit down on rattan couches on a veranda, enjoy the beautiful view of a gorgeous garden and blooming rose bushes, drink some hot tea or ice cold champagne. When the events are over, guests may take a ride to the sea on our cableway, go for a walk along the seashore, and have a rest on the beach.

In autumn and winter guests who have booked a banquet hall in Grand Otrada may relax in our SPA complex, take a Jacuzzi and visit either our in-house sauna or a special wood-burning sauna right on the beach, with or without professional bath attendants. Hundreds of our business clients were pleased by the convenient location of the restaurant in the center of Odessa.

In addition to that, we can organize catering service inany place you choose, serving drinks and appetizers even in the open air.


When ordering a business dinner,
50% discount on accommodation
in a room of any category

* The offer is valid for corporate events from 20 people

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