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Banquets in
Grand Otrada restaurant

By choosing our hotel complex you can combine both the celebration and accommodation for guests. The brightly-lit, marble-covered banquet hall with a terrace exit can fit up to 80 people. You can have a grand dinner, host a gala-reception or romantic dinner and follow it up with a ride to the sea on our cableway.

Banquet offers

Gefilte fish
(1 kg)

Amazing recipe made with a secret recipe of Aunt Sonia from Malaya Arnautskay street

₴ 850

Baked bell pepper rolls with Feta cheese
(250 gr)

spicy vegetable rolls with feta cheese and almond shavings

₴ 235

Stuffed button mushrooms
(200 gr)

baked button mushroom caps, stuffed with minced chicken, mushrooms with spices, and mixed greens

₴ 130

Duck with apples

mouth-watering tender duck stuffed with apple slices and baked

₴ 900

Book a wedding and get a half-luxe for newlyweds as a gift!

*discounts for guests and birthday boys and girls are discussed individually

Grand Otrada banquet menu

Forshmak with toasts (1/350) 260

chopped herring fillet with apples, boiled egg and butter according to an old Odessa recipe. Served with ciabatta toasts

Meat plate (300/50) 280

roast beef, veal, chicken meatloaf with Tkemali sauce

Odessa appetizers plate (1/300) 340

forshmak (fish paste), eggplant dip, pickled bell pepper and ciabatta toasts

Cheese plate (1/300) 490

Dor Blue, Radamer, Camembert, goat cheese served with honey and walnuts

Vegetable plate (1/400) 185

tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, black olives, lettuce, and lemon

Salmon caviar with toasts (1/50) 350

toasted baguette with salmon caviar and lemon

Cream cheese, salmon and salmon caviar rolls (1/350) 325

pancake rolls with Philadelphia cheese, salmon and salmon caviar

Veal tongue with Aioli sauce (100/50) 190

boiled veal tongue with a sauce made of olive oil, saffron, and garlic

Parma ham with pear (1/250) 295

cured Italian ham with pear, basil, arugula and balsamic sauce

Chicken breast with mango and raspberry sauce (1/250) 295

tender chicken breast with pieces of exotic mango and raspberry sauce

Chicken terrine (180 gr) 195

a French delicacy made from minced chicken meat with spices and mixed greens

Herring “for vodka” (1/250) 110

herring slices in vegetable oil, pickled onion rings, blacked olives, lettuce, and lemon

Fried mackerel with potato croquettes (1/250) 195

salted fried fish with tender potato mousse

Herring tartar on bruschettas (1/250) 195

minced herring on a toasted slice of white or rye bread

Salmon tartar with rice chips (1/400) 250

shredded salmon served on hand-made rice chips

Gefilte fish (1/1 kg) 850

amazing gefilte fish from a special Odessa recipe of Aunt Sonia from Malaya Arnautskaya street

White mushroom carpaccio in cheese sauce (1/300) 285

sliced white mushrooms in cheese sauce served with crispy toasts

Baked bell pepper rolls with feta cheese and almonds (1/250) 235

spicy vegetable rolls with Feta cheese and almond shavings

Giant green and black olives (1/200) 250

a mix of large Greek black and green olives

Lemon (1/50) 30

lemon slices that go well with fish or good cognac

Pickled white mushrooms (1/250) 290

chopped white mushrooms in homemade pickle juice with spices

Pickle plate (1/400) 185

pickled tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, garlic and wood garlic

Italian-style tomatoes (1/300) 110

fresh sliced tomatoes with a topping of grated Italian cheese, garlic, and mayonnaise

“Tyochin yazyk” (“Mother-in-law’s tongue) (1/300) 150

roasted eggplant rolls stuffed with tomatoes, cheese and garlic

Chicken neck with mushrooms (1/1 kg) 380

baked chicken necks stuffed with minced chicken and roasted button mushrooms

Chicken necks with liver (1/1 kg) 400

baked chicken necks stuffed with minced chicken, chicken liver, and spices

Chocolate fountain with fruit and marmalade (1/1 pc) 1000

hot melted chocolate with assorted fruits and marmalade

Meat and cheese wine plate (1/250) 370

salami, Jamon, Kamembert, and Dor Blue with honey and walnuts

Pike roe with toasts (110/50) 685

served with shallots, butter, and white bread toasts

Trio of tartars - salmon, tuna, scallop (1/210/50) 430

Tender salmon, spicy tuna, scallops with tobiko roe, cucumber, Asian Kimchi sauce, lemon, wheat, and rye ciabatta toasts

Lettuce mix with salted salmon (1/250) 210

lettuce mix, tomatoes, avocado with salmon slices, lemon, and Parmesan

Boiled veal heart salad (1/250) 140

veal heart, shallots, pickles, boiled potatoes with a Dijon mustard and honey sauce

Roast beef and crouton salad (1/250) 280

roast beef slices, cherry tomatoes, fresh lettuce leaves, Parmesan cheese, pickled shallots and butter-fried croutons

“Stolichnyi” chicken salad (1/300) 140

our version of the traditional Russian salad with tender chicken meat

Stolichnyi veal salad (1/300) 160

another variant of the all-time favorite Russian salad with veal

Warm seafood and cream sauce salad (1/300) 295

a mix of mussels, shrimp and calamari with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan, and tobiko roe

Chicken breast, quail eggs and yogurt sauce salad (1/250) 195

lettuce mix with tender chicken breast coupled with citrus slices and tomatoes

Panzanella salad (1/250) 150

tuscanian salad made from tomatoes, shallots, bell pepper, and croutons with Italian olive oil and basil dressing

Duck breast salad (1/250) 265

lettuce mix with low fat duck breast, cherry tomatoes and fragrant apples

Greek salad (1/250) 150

tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet bell pepper, Feta cheese, green onions, black olives with an olive oil and oregano dressing

Caesar salad (1/300) 185

traditional lettuce mix with tomatoes, chicken breast, garlic, white bread croutons, Parmesan cheese and Caesar sauce

Grilled veal and arugula salad (1/250) 240

grilled tender veal with arugula, shallots, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber with Italian dressing with spices

Lettuce mix with assorted vegetables (1/250) 140

lettuce mix, arugula, microgreen with cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, lemon, walnuts, and olive oil

Grilled vegetables and goat cheese salad (1/250) 185

grilled eggplants, zucchini, button mushrooms, and bell pepper with fresh tomatoes and goat cream cheese

Camembert and fresh berry salad (1/200) 175

lettuce mix with Camembert cheese, seasonal berries, and sesame seeds

Baked mackerel with tomatoes (1/350) 230

mackerel baked in tandoor. Served with grilled tomatoes and herbs

Rack of young lamb with lavash and herbs (1/250/100) 395

rack of young lamb baked in the tandoor. Served with lavash and mixed greens

Rack veal with lavash and herbs (1/250/100) 275

tender rack of milk veal baked in tandoor. Served with lavash and herbs mixed

Sea bass fillet with green peas (1/250) 340

tender grilled sea bass fillet with green pea paste and lettuce mix

Sea bass with citrus salt (1/300) 430

a whole fish baked in citrus salt, spectacularly served flambe

Grilled salmon steak with vegetables (1/250) 320

grilled salmon with spices, served with lettuce, lemon, and balsamic sauce

Salmon on a spinach pillow baked / steamed (1/250) 320

dietary, steamed or baked salmon, with light spinach cream

Odessa-style gobies (1/100) 130

batter-fried Black Sea gobies from a classic recipe, served with lettuce mix and lemon (price listed for 100 gr)

Horse mackerel with vegetable salsa (1/350) 280

a Black Sea delicacy – a full plate of horse mackerel served with a tomato and bell pepper salsa, lettuce, lemon and microgreen

Flounder Black Sea (1/100) 235

fried fish with a side of button mushrooms, tomatoes and lettuce in balsamic sauce

Salmon baked in citrus salt (1/1kg) 1750

a whole salmon baked in a shell of citrus salt and spectacularly served flambe

Pork on the bone (1/250) 240

grilled pork chop with rolls of bacon stuffed with asparagus and served with a lettuce mix

Grilled pork belly with cranberry sauce (1/340) 250

marinated grilled pork belly with cranberry sauce

Mini beef steaks with demiglace sauce (1/200) 360

grilled beef steaks with French meat sauce, vegetables, and lettuce mix

Steamed/grilled chicken breast with vegetables (1/300) 230

healthy poultry served with mixed vegetables and fresh lettuce

Chicken breast with Dor Blue sauce (1/250) 240

baked chicken breast with blue cheese sauce

“Cheese” chicken (1/250) 260

chicken breast stuffed with cheese and vegetables, served with lettuce and microgreen

Confi duck thigh with flambe apples (1/250) 320

stewed duck thigh with orange sauce and caramelized flambe apples served with lettuce and cherry tomatoes

Baked pork ham (1/1кг) 850

pork ham baked with garlic, thyme and spices

Baked goat leg (1/1,8 kg) 2100

baked lamb with rosemary, garlic and spices

Rabbit stewed in sour cream with noodles and mushrooms (for 6 people) 1300

a tender rabbit fricassee with a side of hand-made noodles and button mushrooms

Duck with apples (1 PC) 900

a whole fragrant and tender duck, stuffed with apple slices and baked Au Jus

Tournedos Rossini steak (1/250) 390

veal steak grilled to your liking with French demi-glace sauce, foie gras, button mushrooms, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes

Rainbow trout in almond sauce (1/250) 290

tender fish with almond shavings, fried to a crisp in butter with spices, served with lettuce, lemon, and cherry tomatoes

Crispy red mullet with fried onions (1/250) 280

fried red mullet with batter-fried onion rings served with fresh lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and lemon slice

Chicken Kyiv (1/250) 280

tender cutlet made from the chicken breast with melted butter inside, served with mashed potatoes, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, dill, and parsley

Grilled pork neck (1/250/50) 210

grilled pork neck with honey mustard sauce, salad mix and cherry tomatoes

French-style grilled chicken (1/350) 390

a whole bird baked with spices and served with fresh lettuce, baby corn, tomatoes, roasted peanuts, and parsley

Suluguni in lavash (1/200) 120

thin Armenian lavash with tender suluguni cheese, baked in a tandoor

New Zealand mussels with Mozarella (1/300) 365

large mollusks, baked with Mozarella cheese

Calamari rings in Panko bread crumbs and Zaziki sauce (1/300) 195

batter-fried calamari with herbs, spices and Greek yogurt and garlic sauce

Fried cheese sticks with berry sauce (1/200) 165

filling batter-fried Suluguni cheese sticks with fresh berry sauce

Royal chicken (1/1 kg) 600

a whole chicken, stuffed with pancake rolls filled with mushroom paste

Фаршировані капелюшки печериць (1/200) 130

baked button mushroom caps filled with chopped chicken, mushrooms, herbs, and spices

Mushroom pancakes (1/200) 75

thin pancakes with roasted button mushrooms and spices

Red caviar pancakes (1/50/50) 400

incredibly delicious and tender pancakes filled with red caviar

Foie gras with apple chutney (1/200) 490

fried goose liver with Indian sauce made from apples and oranges stewed in butter

Black Sea Rapanos in creamy sauce (1/250) 260

tender sea snail meat with onions and button mushrooms served with a cream and white wine sauce

Black Sea mussels with tomatoes and basil (1/600) 270

mollusks in shells with tomato and basil sauce served with lemon slices and white bread toasts

Black Sea mussels in cream sauce (1/600) 270

unshelled mollusks served in cream sauce with a white wine base, with tomatoes, parsley, lemon, and white bread toasts

Assorted tempura with Thai sweet chili sauce (1/250/50) 270

tiger shrimp, zucchini, bell pepper, and button mushrooms in airy batter with sweet chili sauce

Hummus with hot pita (1/200/100) 150

Our special appetizer made from mashed chickpeas and tahini sesame paste with olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, and paprika

Quinoa with cherry tomatoes and avocado (1/250) 170

a porridge made from South American gluten-free cereal with minced avocado and tomatoes

Baked potatoes with bacon (1/250) 120

a filling side dish of baked early potatoes with fried bacon slices

“Idaho” potatoes (1/250) 90

a traditional American recipe - baked potato slices with garlic and paprika

French fries (1/250) 110

the most favorite dish of the youngest banquet attendants – deep-fried potato sticks

Grilled vegetables (1/250) 150

a plate of grilled zucchini, eggplants, bell pepper and button mushrooms

Potatoes au gratin (1/250) 130

thinly sliced potatoes baked with cream sauce and Parmesan cheese

Couscous with Parmesan cheese and tomatoes (1/250) 170

a light porridge made from Berber cereal served with cherry tomatoes and hard cheese

Zucchini and sesame seeds Soba (1/250) 150

buckwheat noodles with sautéed vegetables sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds and served with cherry tomatoes

Sauteed vegetables (1/200) 140

hearty vegetarian sauteed with zucchini, bell pepper, eggplant, button mushrooms, tomato, onion, and garlic

Classic Tiramisu (1/1 kg) 650

a cake made of Mascarpone cheese, whipped egg whites, Savoyard biscuits, chocolate, and Baileys liqueur

Light Tiramisu (1/1 kg) 600

another version of Mascarpone cheese cake, this one is soaked in Baccardi rum with whipped cream and yogurt

Schwarzwald cherry (1/1 kg) 500

a German chocolate sponge cake soaked in Kirsch cherry liqueur with whipped cream, cherries and chocolate shavings

Yogurt cake (1/1 kg) 500

white sponge cake with yogurt and cream filling, canned pineapples, and peaches

Bavarian Cake (1/1 kg) 500

a light sponge cake with whipped cream and custard, topped with seasonal fruit

Honey cake with fruits (1/1 kg) 450

a cake made of honey-soaked waffle layers with light cream and fruits

Napoleon cake (1/1 kg) 450

a traditional recipe made of layered puff pastry with egg yolk and butter custard between layers

Nut Napoleon (1/1 kg) 450

another version of the famous cake, with custard and powdered walnuts

Order dishes via our online Shopping Cart and they will be served exactly upon your arrival!

Grand Otrada banquet hall

Best place for a family celebration!

Banquets in Grand Otrada restaurant set a festive mood with exquisite dishes, elegant décor and European level of service. Our chef can effortlessly guess what our guests want the most, and the pastry chef may surprise you with gorgeous cake presentations. Our waiter staff float between tables as if they are not there while the guests enjoy their appetizers and listen to a live violin or saxophone performance.

The banquet hall interior is set in classic Mediterranean style: the warm color palette of marble, inspired by the sunny atmosphere of Odessa. Lining, furniture, carpets and table cloths are all made from organic materials. The modesty is spiced up with airy sandy- and milky-colored curtains as well as neat floral patterns on the tablecloths. Marble columns are the monumental decorations adorning the hall.

Advantages of Grand Otrada’s banquet hall:

  • A separate entrance
  • A beautiful place for a photo session
  • Two well-lit and spacious halls
  • A veranda adorned with rose bushes
  • A comfortable terrace on the roof
  • Multiple dressing rooms and restrooms
  • Supervised parking


The banquet hall in Odessa, Frantsuzky boulevard 17A is a perfect place for a corporate party, a wedding or anniversary celebration. It is close to the city center and sea shore. The convenient location, multiple access roads from the central railway station, Langeron and Arcadia beaches and a parking lot allow visitors to come here via their own cars or taxis.

The menu consists of exquisite Mediterranean, Japanese and Odessa cuisine. We serve plenty of local fish and seafood specials. Celebrating a birthday in Grand Otrada is an unforgettable event with a unique theme.

Grand Otrada: the best seaside restaurant for a wedding


A wedding is an extremely important event in a person’s life. We pride ourselves on being praised for being the best seaside restaurants for weddings in Odessa, as Grand Otrada is a family restaurant, first and foremost. We believe and promote family values and take extra care to ensure that the most important day of the newlyweds goes smoothly, memorable, and full of fancy cuisine.

Organizing weddings demands lots of time and effort and the first thing that future spouses do is looking for a fitting banquet hall for their weddings. By choosing Grand Otrada Resort & SPA hotel’s restaurant you entrust us with 80% of the banquet organizing.

A wedding in Grand Otrada is a festive celebration you can book:

  • preparation of culinary masterpieces
  • organizing entertainment (host, music, events)
  • thematic décor of the hall
  • accommodation for the newlyweds
  • discounts for guest suites

We agree on the details of the festive occasion beforehand and will bring romantic dreams of bride and groom to life. We will organize an outdoor ceremony on the seashore, to which guests will be delivered via the cableway. Seaside catering service in Odessa, in a secluded harbor, and an exchange of vows accompanied by the rustling of the waves is a magical wedding ceremony that is bound to leave a mark on the lovestruck hearts forever.

By booking a wedding newlyweds also receive a half-luxe suite for a day as a present, as well as the ability to book additional suites with individual discounts. A smorgasbord breakfast is included in the booking price, meaning that after the celebration you can have a good night’s rest, have breakfast in the morning, relax in a SPA and take a ride to the beach on the cableway.


Unforgettable celebrations and parties

The best place for a family celebration!

You can book a banquethall in Grand Otrada restaurant at any time and receive individual discounts for accommodation. Our guests may enjoy a spacious hall with a terrace, amazing cuisine, an ability to visit the beach using our very own cableway, as well as spend the night in the hotel and relax in the SPA complex the next day.

Unforgettable celebrations and parties

The best place for a family celebration!

You can book a banquethall in Grand Otrada restaurant at any time and receive individual discounts for accommodation. Our guests may enjoy a spacious hall with a terrace, amazing cuisine, an ability to visit the beach using our very own cableway, as well as spend the night in the hotel and relax in the SPA complex the next day.

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