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People from different countries have different food preferences and what is normal for some is inappropriate for others. National cuisines reflect the main cultural values and traditions of each people.

For instance, the Japanese have rice with pickled fruits and vegetables with baked fish for breakfast.

In China, the breakfast consists of hot soy milk and pastries are eaten after dipping then in milk.

English breakfast has to be nutritious and traditionally consists of fried eggs, grilled sausage, crispy fried bacon, and toasts with butter and jam.

Contrary to the British, Spanish

people prefer a light breakfast, consisting of a cup of thick hot cocoa and delicious churros.

The same light breakfast is shared by Italians, who prefer a cup of coffee and croissants.

And what is Ukrainian breakfast?

First of all, doctors recommend to not ignore the first meal of the day in the morning, always drinking a glass of warm water before breakfast. Secondly, they claim that breakfast plays a huge role in a person’s ration:

  • is a source of energy,
  • prevents tooth decay,
  • speeds up metabolism,
  • activates thinking processes.

As reality shows, people who always have breakfasts are less prone to colds and more stress-resistant. So, what you should eat in the morning? The specialists advise beginning the day with light food, like dairy products, which are both easy to digest and fulfill the daily need for protein. However, cottage cheese that’s high in fat is a difficult food to process for the pancreas, especially in the morning. This is why it’s best to eat cottage cheese that has 5 to 9% fat. No-fat cottage cheese also shouldn’t be consumed in the morning, since the calcium in it can be metabolized only when combined with fat.

For breakfast eat food rich in carbohydrates. They positively affect brain function. However, these shouldn’t be quick carbohydrates: pastries, cookies, or corn flakes, as they quickly metabolize and turn into sugars. In Grand Otrada restaurant visitors can choose an oatmeal porridge with fruit, but if you cook at home you can diversify your breakfast with cooked buckwheat or couscous. These grains are rich in fiber, vitamins, and microelements, and consuming them will provide you with energy for several hours. 

Eating a small handful of nuts provides the organism with vegetable fats, and prunes will activate metabolic processes. Everything mentioned above is true for people engaged in mental labor. Those who do heavy physical labor or sports have to eat a calorie-dense breakfast consisting of meat or fish, as well as fresh or cooked vegetables.

What should not be eaten for breakfast

You shouldn’t start a new day with dishes of little nutritional value such as sandwiches, as well as sweets and chocolate, which increases blood sugar levels.

In Grand Otrada Resort & SPA we serve fresh and high-quality dishes for breakfast, which are prepared following different cultural traditions. Here everyone can find something they are used to or a completely brand new morning menu. The smorgasbord includes eggs, sausages, bacon, light salads and sides, yogurts, baked goods, cheesecakes, and pastries, muesli, nuts, flakes, cold appetizers, meat, and cheese plates, fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, and hot beverages. For hotel guests, breakfasts are included in the reservation prices of all categories.

Of course, you should listen to doctors’ recommendations about breakfast food choices, but life experience shows that it’s better to listen to one’s organism needs. If it tells you in the morning that it wants, say, a toast with Nutella, it should not be a big deal if you indulge it. Just remember to consume in moderation.

Bon appetit and enjoy your stay!

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